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Storage Units

Bike Store  Clutterbox  Log Store
    Bike Store 7ft x 3ft   £599     Clutterbox 4ft x 2ft 6"  £425     Log Store 4ft x 2ft 6"   £349
 Garden Chest  Bin Store  Wall Sheds
  Garden Chest 4ft x 2ft    £269     BinStore Single   £299    Wall Shed 6ft x 2ft 6"  £529
  Garden Chest 5ft x 3ft    £349     BinStore Double  £399    Half Wall Shed 3ft x 2ft 6" £395
  Garden Chest 6ft x 3ft    £399     BinStore  Triple   £499  
 Clutter Box

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  Overlap Clutterbox 4ft x 2ft 6"
Price Includes VAT
and Local Delivery
 Optional Erection
  From £39